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George Fenmore

Statue: Villain

Height: 5’7”

Hair: Brown, going gray at the temples

Build: Small and thin, narrow frame

Eyes: Brown,

First Appearance: Bedeviled Angel, Angel Haven series, Book 2

George Fenmore was always small, making people underestimate his intelligence. He studied psychology in college and was soon asked to join ULTRA in their medical division. He worked with various criminals, determining if they were competent to stand trial. He helped heroes and agents with traumatic situations. After several years, this wasn’t enough and he wanted to be put in the field.

He underwent vigorous training, building his strength and endurance but he was still small. However, because of his ability to plan missions down to the last detail, he was put in charge of a field team. He was proud of the twenty agents he commanded and they did well handling different threats and paranormal villain teams.

George’s life changed the day a new recruit was brought in. Jack McClennan was instantly liked by everyone he met. George watched him rise quickly to Field Commander, envious of how easy everything seemed to be for the young British man. That envy soon turned to jealousy as Jack’s team began getting the recognition George felt his team deserved. Soon, he began challenging Jack’s team to see who was better at completing messy and difficult assignments the quickest.

Jack’s team excelled at the nasty work and Jack himself thrived on the challenges before him. George’s jealousy exploded into full blown rage and he made no secret of it to his team, who agreed with him. When he was contacted by a member of a hidden council buried deep within ULTRA, George was more than willing to listen.

All he had to do, was help find buyers for information and weapons and he’d be well compensated. He would answer only to the council members. George asked if he could cause problems for Jack’s team and he was told he could. Malicious glee filled him at the thought of being rid of Jack forever.

However, Jack and his team discovered what was going on and was gathering evidence against George and his bosses. George contacted some of the newer members on Jack’s team, offering them money if they’d help take Jack down. The ones who couldn’t be bought were fed lies about what Jack was doing.

One night, George’s team cornered Jack at ULTRA and beat him, holding him until two of Jack’s friends freed him. When Jack got home, George and his colleague, Donald Farraday were holding his wife at gunpoint. When Jack resisted, they killed her and framed Jack for the murder. The day Jack was convicted, George celebrated in high fashion.

George and the council continued selling information and black market arms dealing. When Jack escaped prison, they had to be more careful. George was pleased with how things turned out. With his old rival on the run, he and the council had the run of ULTRA and everything they did.

Bradford Troyington

Name: Bradford Troyington

Status: Villain

Height: 5’11”

Hair: Blonde

Build: Average

Eyes: Blue

First Appearance: Night Angel, Angel Haven series, Book 1

Bradford grew up in England with his parents and his brother. His brother had a lot of health problems, so his parents’ attentions were always on him. Bradford hated his brother, wishing almost every day he’d just die and get it over with. When he turned fourteen, he noticed he could sense something unusual in the air around him.

His mother knew about strange things and magic, so he went to her. She asked him exactly what he was feeling and as he described the oddness around him, she nodded. Bradford had the ability to sense magic and could feel when it was being used. His mother had been a practicing magic user most of her life and was proud he had that same connection.

Bradford’s brother became worse and their father to him to a specialist in Switzerland. Not sure if he’d ever recover, his father left him there to be treated. Bradford’s mother fell into a depression and his father decided a change of scenery was in order. He’d been secretly having a large house built in upstate New York.

Not long after they moved there, his mother was diagnosed with cancer. The treatments went well at first, but she started to decline. His father had a balcony built around the second story so she could still go outside and see the gardens, but was close to her room for when she grew tired.

When she passed away, Bradford’s father went back to England, leaving him the house in New York. By this time, Bradford had started becoming well known in New York City’s business circles. He was unscrupulous in his dealings which were barely legal, but no one wanted to call him on it. Those that did were ruined.

A few years later, he was contacted by HelixCorp. They’d noticed how ruthless he was and said they needed someone like that to conduct experiments that would be frowned on if anyone knew about them. Bradford was intrigued and asked for more information. He was told there was a pack of werewolves near him. They would be his subjects.

Bradford told the men that worked for him what they would be doing at the country house now. He could sense they were pleased they would be able to put their unusual skills to good use. Bradford called a friend of his father’s to help. The woman a geneticist and he would need her help. She quickly agreed and moved out to his home.

When the men brought the first test subjects and Bradford saw they were children, he worried his people may not want to have anything to do with the experiments. He need not have concerned himself. They had no problems doing what needed to be done.

As the experimentation continued, Bradford decided to keep part of the serum being created for himself. Then he’d show those snobs in New York City exactly how ruthless he truly could be.

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