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Karen Spraiker

Status: Hero, code name Sterling Dragon

Hair: Long, wavy brown

Build: Slender but toned, muscles built up from martial arts

Eyes: Brown

First Appearance: Night Angel, Angel Haven series, book 1


Karen was adopted when she was three years old after her parents were killed in a terrorist bombing attack. A master of the kenjutsu martial art style, was a friend of the family and took her in along with an older boy who had also been orphaned. When she turned six, her adoptive father began teaching her how to use sais. He also tried teaching her gardening, but she lack the talent for it.

As her martial ability grew, her brother’s began to stagnate. He became increasingly jealous, feeling their father favored her over him. When Karen turned fifteen, her father gave her a dragon pendant and gave her brother a lion pendant. These pendants allowed them to tap into their inner strength, increasing the power in their strikes.

Karen’s brother wanted the dragon pendant because of its secondary power to increase healing. That night, he broke into Karen’s room and tried to steal it. They fought, the noise waking their father. She stopped him from taking it and he ran off, saying one day he’d get even.

After that, her father felt it wasn’t safe for her at their home any longer. He sold their house and the dojo and called a friend of his, Dr. Caspian Mentor. Dr. Mentor invited them to come stay at his home, Angel Haven. He felt having another teenager around that was close to his daughter’s age would be good for both of them. Refusing to lounge around doing nothing, her father became Angel Haven’s gardener.

Soon, more students began showing up. The girls became good friends and after seeing al their abilities, became the hero team, The Angels.

Misty Severin

Status: Hero, code name Mist

Height: 5’8”

Hair: Auburn, hangs to shoulders, some wave

Build: Moderate, but muscular

Eyes: Brown

First appearance: Bedeviled Angel, Angel Haven series, Book 2

Misty had a normal childhood, growing up. Always outgoing and friendly, she was popular in school. She excelled in her studies and at most sports. She had no tolerance for bullying, coming to the aid of anyone in need.

When she was thirteen, she and her parents were coming home from vacation. They stopped at a motel for the night. Around eleven, someone knocked on their door. Her father looked out the peephole and a pizza delivery man stood there, saying he had extra pizzas. He opened the door and was immediately grabbed and drug out to the parking lot. More men ran into the room, grabbing Misty and her mother. Bags were placed over their heads and they were driven to a secret location.

Misty and her parents were tied to posts on an altar and the bags were removed. Nine figures in robes stood in a semi-circle around them, chanting in a strange language. The leader raised a curved dagger and plunged it into her father’s chest. Misty and her mother fought to get free, but her mother was stabbed next.

Misty struggled hard against the bindings, crying and screaming. The chanting grew louder as the lead figure moved to stand in front of her. The dagger slashed downward and Misty gave one last desperate pull. Before she realized what happened, she had passed through the post and was sitting on the ground behind it. The robed figures ran to grab her, but their hands passed through her. When they hesitated, she jumped to her feet and ran down hallways, eventually finding the front door.

When she made it outside, she heard footsteps behind her. She saw houses across the street and ran to them. She pounded on the door and was let in. She called the police but by the time they arrived, the robed figures had vanished. They found the bodies of Misty’s parents. In her father’s wallet, they found the name of Dr. Caspian Mentor. They police called him, explained what happened, and he came to get her.

Her parents’ wills listed Mentor as Misty’s guardian. She move to Angel Haven, where he and his daughter, Kristin, helped her with her grief. They trained her how to use her new desolidification power. As her abilities increased and she grew stronger, she joined the Angels hero team.

She never did find out what the robed figures wanted. She still grieves for her parents, but having friends around, helps ease the pain of her loss.

Joseph Caine

Height: 5’11”

Hair: Reddish-brown

Build: Muscular, but compact. His arms show his strength, but usually no one can tell because of the leather jacket he always wears.

Eyes: Spring green

First appearance: An Angel’s Heart, Angel Haven series, book 3


Joseph Caine was born in a small town in Nebraska not too far from Lincoln. He developed his magical ability when he was five years old. He had the ability to make plants grow and could tap into the elements of the earth. His parents taught him how to attune to the earth’s energy and use it. He trained with his parents in the afternoons when he would get home from school.

In his teenage years, he studied with different creatures from the fairy realm. He learned more about the earth and the energy lines crossing it. Joe found he could tap into the ley lines and it would boost his magic. He worked hard on his skills and by the time he turned eighteen, he’d become proficient enough that his parents supported his decision to go to journalism school and take his place in the non-magical world.

When the Gulf War broke out, he went overseas as a correspondent for the newspaper he worked for. While in the desert, he met an Army chaplain named Damen Richardson. The two became fast friends. Joe worked with Damen when he needed to write condolence letters to families or just when the soldiers needed someone to talk too. All the while, Joe felt the energy of the desert fill him, making his magic tingle his fingers.

One night, a roaring sound woke the camp. Joe hurried outside with the rest of the company. A huge whirlwind was heading straight for them. He felt a wetness on his lip and discovered his nose was bleeding. The closer the whirlwind got, the more his nose bled. Damen appeared next to him and checked him out. He told him, the only time an earth wizard’s nose bled was in the presence of evil.

Damen then revealed he too, was a wizard. The thing coming towards them was an actual dust devil. They were netherworld demons with portals to any desert on earth. They preyed on anyone and anything in their path. Joe had never heard of this creature and had no idea how to stop it. Damen pulled out a large handgun and smiled.

Joe turned to the thing and something clicked in his mind. Using his magic to reach into the earth, he began pulling the sand and dust away from the creature. The exposed monster howled and charged, its claws reaching out to rip the two wizards apart. Damen aimed, unloading the entire clip in the monster’s body. The thing fell back, its black blood coloring the sand. Joe opened a portal underneath and it disappeared before and of the soldiers came out of their tents.

When things calmed down, they both revealed their magical heritage. Damen invited Joe to come to New York City. The magical threats there were getting bad and the heroes didn’t have the means or knowledge to fight them. When they returned to the states, Joe transferred to a New York paper and moved.

Not long after they got back, Joe found out what Damen meant. Every time he went out, it seems another beast was escaping its home world and running amok on earth. On one job, he and Damen were driving back a large, slime monster when a woman with spiky hair joined them. She materialized two purple energy daggers and helped them defeat the creature.

She introduced herself as Christine Ford. Joe introduced himself and Damen. Christine said she knew who they were. She had contacts who kept an eye on magical doings in the city. When Joe told her where he lived, she laughed and said she lived in the apartment directly across from his. She believed he was guided to that place.

Now the three of them protect the city from anything supernatural the heroes of the city can’t handle. Joe goes to work every day at the newspaper and monitors potential paranormal situations. When things get too weird, he calls his friends, and they take care of the problem.

Randall Dupre

Jack McClennan

Rachael McCafferty

Height: 6’

Hair: Black

Build: Not overly muscled, but built. His arms, shoulders, and chest show that he does hard work, but not at a gym. He appears thin at first glance, but isn’t.

Eyes: Ice blue

First appearance: Night Angel, Angel Haven series, book 1


           Randall Dupre, human by day and gargoyle by night, grew up in a small town in northern Louisiana. He remained human as a child, transforming to a gargoyle when he hit puberty. He was added to the guardian ranks and trained with creatures from the fairy realm. The gargoyle guardians were trained to protect the creatures of the fairy realm.

His clan stayed hidden from humans, only going into the town when they had to. Since the guardians were half human, they were selected to go among the humans when supplies were needed. The townspeople were leery of the strangers who made brief, rare appearances. Being supernatural creatures, Randall and his fellow guardians were better looking than average humans, making the men of the town dislike and distrust them.

Randall’s older brother, Marshall, took over his training when he began beating every other gargoyle in their squad. The brothers didn’t take it easy on each other, often using more force than necessary to defeat one another. They didn’t take it personally, knowing the harder they fought, the better they would become.

Their sister, Celeste, was often the victim of their practical jokes and teasing. Randall is very over protective of his sister and brother, doing anything in his power to keep them safe. This has often led to violent encounters with other clans and creatures trying to harm them. He’s more serious than his brother, taking matters more to heart than Marshall does.

Randall hopes to become as strong as his father someday. His father has led the guardians of his clan for a long time. He tries to be fair in his judgements and punishments and Randall admires that quality. No one has ever had the inclination or power to try to unseat him from his position. Randall makes sure everyone knows The Dupre family is not to be trifled with, ever.

His mother is human. Since soul bonding with her gargoyle husband, her life has extended far beyond normal human age. Randall cherishes his mother, often visiting and staying with her for hours on end. She’s the one who taught him family is everything. Friends and lovers come and go, but family is forever. He knows his practice with Marshall upsets her when things too far out of hand, but he’s always there to console her after they finish.

Growing up with the fairy creatures, Randall became friends with a dryad named Raesheen, daughter of the dryad queen. She taught him more of the lore of the fairy realm, giving him a better idea of the politics of the different regions and how to navigate the diplomacy between races. Randall paid attention to everything she taught him, knowing one misstep could lead to war. Fairies are notoriously territorial and he wanted to make sure he did everything right when visiting other courts.

As his guardian friends began finding their soulmates, Randall despaired of every finding his. He watched more and more of his compatriots get married and start their own families. Marshall told him on numerous occasions he’d find his soulmate one day, but as the decades went by, he despaired of it ever happening. His sister, Celeste, became the oracle for their clan and consoled him by telling him his soulmate was out there. He was just going to have to be patient.

When he was called to New York, his patience was rewarded. He had mission to ease his restlessness and was told by the clan oracle his soulmate waited for him. Knowing things wouldn’t be easy, he embraced the chance to find the love of his soul.

Name: Jack McClennan

Height: 6’5”

Hair: Red and is a little past his shoulders

Build: Muscular, broad chest and shoulders, narrow waist, long legs. Concealed cybernetics on left side and both legs.

Eyes: Right is blue, left is solid white and cybernetic, wears an eyepatch in public

First appearance: Bedeviled Angel, Angel Haven series, book 2


Jack McClennan was born in London, England. When he was thirteen, his parents were killed in a car accident. He went to live with his grandparents in a small village on the outskirts of London. Even though he missed his parents, he loved his grandparents and loved living in the country.

When he turned eighteen, he joined the army. He accelerated in rank quickly and loved being in charge of a unit. He always treated the men under him with respect and soon had the most loyal company in any branch of the military. After being discharged, he went straight to INTERPOL. Starting as a low level agent, he slowly worked his way up to a supervisor position.

Paranormal threats were increasing in frequency and Jack loved pitting himself against the villain teams springing up almost overnight. As his success rate grew, he came to the notice of a fledgling operation in the United States called ULTRA. As much as he loved being part of INTERPOL, he jumped at the chance to work with ULTRA and only fighting against the paranormal terrorists threatening the world.

Again, he excelled at his job and soon was promoted to field commander with thirty agents under him. His team became known as the Gravediggers because everyone said that’s all they left behind them after an assignment. A woman named Carol on another team transferred to Jack’s team and they fell in love.

Not long after, they found information after a raid implicating high ranking ULTRA officials in a lot of illegal trade such as black market arms dealing, the drug trade, and selling top secret information. Jack’s team worked on putting all their evidence together over two years. During that time, Jack and Carol were married.

One night, Jack worked a late shift and agents from a rival squad came in and cornered him. He knew why they were there and they dragged him to the interrogation room. They asked him questions about what he was doing and worked him over pretty good. Jack’s friends Frank and Amy burst into the room and took out the agents.

As they drove to his house, Jack had them drop him off at the corner so they wouldn’t be seen. When he got home, he was taken prisoner, beaten, and Carol was murdered in front of him. He was framed for her murder. In prison, he was beaten almost to death. To save his life, he was fitted with experimental cybernetics. He escaped the hospital and went into hiding.

After recovering his strength, he broke into ULTRA, stole his old field armor, and began stealing money and equipment from heroes and villains alike. The media dubbed him Scavenger because supers were picked clean of everything useful they had on them. Crime lords and high ranking drug dealers were being ripped off at an alarming rate. ULTRA suspected it was Jack and he was putting together a power base.

Donning different personas, Jack began investing the money he stole and soon had himself a hefty fortune. He bought a house in the New York country that reminded him of the English countryside he’d loved as a boy. His team would meet there occasionally to discuss how to help him clear his name.

The heroes he’d turned to in the beginning of his arrest couldn’t help him, so he thought they didn’t want to help him. He mistrusted heroes and wanted nothing to do with them until a bright afternoon when he bumps into the most intriguing woman he’s met in a long time.

Status: Hero, code name Metamorph

Height: 5’3”

Hair: Black, tight curls, long with white patch on top, tapering down in the back

Build: Petite but with toned muscle

Eyes: Violet

First appearance: An Angel’s Heart, Angel Haven series, Book 3

Rachael’s parents were missionaries in Africa. She traveled with them, her father teaching her everything she would’ve learned in regular schools. As much as she loved traveling, she often longed for the coast of southern Ireland, where she was born.

Rachael worked alongside her parents, helping the poor and helping build schools and houses. When they left to travel to another village needing help, they were warned about a renegade lion in the area. This lion was seen prowling in villages and attacking people. As they drove, their guide stood in the back of the jeep, keeping a tight grip on his rifle.

They made to their rendezvous at a village that the midpoint of their journey, where a doctor friend met them. They settled into the hut they would stay in overnight and had lunch. While cleaning up, the lion charged from the brush, attacking Rachael. The guide shot the lion, killing it instantly. Rachael collapsed on the ground and the doctor rushed her into the hut.

After seeing the severity of her wounds and how much blood she lost, he told her parents she would need a transfusion to help with her recovery. Her father reluctantly agreed, knowing there was no other way to save his daughter. The transfusion equipment was set up and the procedure started. As it continued, he told Rachael she may have some side effects. Within a few days, her wounds had miraculously healed and they continued their trip.

When they stopped that night, Rachael felt strange. She couldn’t get comfortable and her muscles ached. She got up to walk around the village, hoping the exercise would help. The night was cool and she looked up, seeing the full moon. The ache got worse and her body began to change.

She ran to get her father. By the time she entered her parents’ hut, she had changed to a large wolf. Her father sat on the floor in front of her, holding his hand out. She walked over and laid next to him, trembling. Her parents stared at each other and her mother said they suspected this would happen. It was a heck of a side effect.

The next morning the summoned the doctor and he explained to Rachael that he was a werewolf. She thought about that and decided anything was better than dying. Since she hadn’t felt any murderous impulses while in the wolf form, she thought she could handle it.

Over the next several days, the changes didn’t stop. Rachael discovered she could shift into any of earth’s natural animals. The doctor examined her and said she probably always had that ability. His blood just accelerated when it manifested.

Her parents discuss things with her and they all decide it would be better if she went to the States to train with a colleague of her father’s, Dr. Caspian Mentor. Not only can he help her learn about her powers, he could keep her safe. Rachael doesn’t want to leave, but knows it’s for the best. So, she leaves the life she loves to become the hero she wants to be.

Kristin Mentor

Name: Kristin Mentor

Status: Hero, code name Proto

Height: 5’9”

Hair: Short, honey brown

Build: Muscular, a little stocky

Eyes: Light brown, with a slight tilt

First Appeared: Angel in Shadow, Angel Haven series, Book 4

Kristin’s childhood was anything but normal. From the time she was old enough to understand, she was told she was a genetic experiment, designed for space exploration when she was old enough. She grew up in a research facility where she wanted for nothing. Dr. Caspian Mentor was the lead researcher and headed a small team of scientists.

As Kristin grew, Dr. Mentor named her, taking care of her more and more. Soon, he began referring to her as his daughter. She developed an aptitude for science by the time she was twelve. She was put in a training program, lifting weights and strengthening her stamina. Her endurance built quickly and soon she was doing things far beyond what a pre-teen could do.

Mentor let her help with his research, proud of the logical way she solved problems. A few years later, word came down that Kristin was to be shipped out to a larger facility to further her education and training. Knowing once she left, he’d never see her again, Mentor smuggled her out, taking her to his home, Angel Haven. He destroyed his research before they left.

When it was discovered she was missing, troops were sent to retrieve her. They learned Mentor had his own powers and was a strong psionic. He held them off with the help of his personal bodyguard. While the troops were down, he changed their memories.

Kristin was relieved to stay with Mentor at his grand home. He told her the code name she’d been given was Proto, since she was a prototype experiment. If she was a success, then others would follow. She thought about that for a long time. She was the only one of her kind.

When Mentor began taking in children with powers from friends and colleagues, Kristin kept the name Proto. It was fitting because she was the first one at Angel Haven. As the girls trained together and became friends, they decided they would form a hero team and call themselves The Angels.

As the new arrivals grew close, Kristin held herself apart. She didn’t feel as human as the rest of them and found the movies and books they liked seriously lacking in logic. She consoles herself with her research, lectures, and meticulously planning their missions.

Grayson Styles

Status: Hero, code name Nemesis

Height: 6’2”

Hair: Short, black, deep brown highlights in the sun

Build: Muscular, broad shoulders, wide chest, and long legs

Eyes: Gray

First Appearance: Angel in Shadow

Grayson was born high in the hills of western Pennsylvania to a harpy mother and wizard father. His father couldn’t do much magic, but he had enough that he could contact the fairy realm. When Grayson was born and the tribal elders saw he was a harpy and not human, they rejoiced. Male harpies were rare and treated with respect and reverence. Unless the male has powers. Then he is killed and the body hidden before the male harpies of the North Wind Brethren find out.

When Grayson was five, he went flying with his mother as soon as his wings were strong enough. He enjoyed the freedom and loved being with his mother. When he was ten, they were flying and Grayson discovered he could control the air around him and the winds lifting his wings. He soared higher than he was supposed to and his mother found out he had power. After telling his father, they realized, to save their son, he needed to hide his ability.

Not long after he turned thirteen, the tribe alarm sounded and he knew what that meant. The North Wind Brethren were coming and they were coming for him. His parents were dragged before the tribal elder and condemned for not turning Grayson over and bringing down the Brethren on them. While Grayson watched, the harpies ripped his mother to shreds. Summoning his power, he pinned them down while he and his father escaped.

Outside the cave, a warrior dove at them, knocking his father to the ground. Grayson blew her back in the cave and he and his dad ran. Staying under the trees, they made their way down the hill. If they could just reach the turnpike, they’d be safe. Screeching reached them and they hid until the patrol passed overhead.

His father pulled a folded piece of paper out of his wallet. He told Grayson to call the number on the paper. They had to split up if either one expected to make it. That was when Grayson knew his father had been badly injured. His father ran back up the hill and when the screeching turned to follow him, Grayson ran for the road. When his fingers touched the asphalt, he cried when he realized they’d only been about 100 yards from the road.

He flagged down a car and it was a state trooper. He told the officer the story he and his dad had agreed on. The trooper put a blanket around him and sat him in the cruiser. Grayson told him he had a contact in New York who was a friend of the family. The trooper gave him his cell phone and Grayson called. A few hours later, a little man named Tom picked him up.

When they got to New York, Tom took him to his team who lived in the tunnels beneath the city. He let Grayson have a few days to grieve for his parents but then made him get up and start working out. If he wanted to be strong enough to defend himself against the harpies and the brethren, he needed to build up his mass. He also would take him out to the country and let him fly. The wings needed to be stronger too.

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