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Name: Ezra Barghest

Status: Villain

Height: 6’3”

Hair: Deep brown, close to black

Build: Large and muscular

Eyes: Dark, could be brown, could be black

First Appearance: An Angel’s Heart, Angel Haven series, Book 3

Ezra Barghest was born in the early to mid 1800’s in a small village in France. Early on, he discovered he had a natural talent for magic. Leaving home, he searched until he found someone who could teach him how to grow his power. He found such a teacher in an isolated part of the French Alps.

He mastered the basics quickly, moving on to more complicated spells. One night, he discovered his teacher sacrificing an animal to a dark power. Instead of being frightened, Ezra was fascinated. He felt his teacher’s power increase and wanted to learn more. That was when he was introduced to the darker side of magic.

Through studying various journals his teacher had, he learned that power could be stolen from other warlocks. His teacher promised to show him how to do it once he was stronger and could handle the surge from his victim. Ezra couldn’t wait to learn this new ritual. His teacher told him to go out and learn about the world for a few years. He would find him when the time was right.

Ezra wanted to learn the ritual right then but knew his teacher was right. His impatience would cost him much if he let it control him. So he left the place where he’d spent so many years. In a small village, he met a beautiful girl who also happened to be a powerful witch. He professed his love and soon, they married.

He enjoyed her ample charms, as he liked to say, but knew if the time was ever right, he’d kill her and take her power. The night of the next full moon, his teacher found him and Ezra invited him in to meet his wife. They sat around talking, drinking tea long into the night. When she went to bed, Ezra’s teacher told him tonight was the night. He would show him how to take power.

They went to Ezra’s room where his wife lay sleeping. His teacher told him to wake her. The power was stronger if there was an element of fear to feed it. Ezra could barely contain his excitement. He shook his wife awake and she smiled until she saw the dagger in his teacher’s hands. He plunged it deep into her chest, shuddering as her power filled him.

He held up the bloody dagger and Ezra smiled. This was too easy. The fool was too old to realize Ezra had been planning and waiting for this moment for years. Grabbing the dagger, he killed his teacher, taking his and his wife’s power together. The man was right. Fear leant a sweetness to the power filling him.

For decades after that, Ezra hunted anyone with magical abilities. As he took more power, his aging slowed to almost nothing. The more lives he took, the more notice he drawing from a groups of wizards called the Circle of Nine. The Circle began tracking him across Europe. When Ezra realized they were onto him, he fled to Ireland.

There the Circle of Nine found him. The cornered him and placed a binding spell on him. Then they exiled him to the Void between worlds. He remains there to this day, vowing revenge on the people who stopped him.

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