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Name: Shadowjack

Status: Villain, mercenary

Height: 6’2”

Build: Muscular

Eyes: Dark brown

First Appearance: Angel of Dark and Light, Angel Have series, Book 5

Shadowjack is a mercenary from the Angel, Felissina’s, home dimension. He grew up in the shadow of the palace, staring at the nobles coming and going and ignoring anyone not in their social class. He swore one day, he’d be rich and no one would ever look down on him again. When his father ran off with another woman, he taught himself how to become a successful pickpocket and thief.

Stealing helped keep him and his mother in their ramshackle house and food on the table. She passed away when he was in his late teens. As much as he missed her, being on his own gave him more freedom to pursue bigger and more lucrative jobs. He was asked to do a job and was offered a lot of money and he took it. That’s when he decided being a mercenary was a much better job than just being a thief.

As he got better and better at doing the jobs no one else wanted, he came to the notice of the king. He was told their city had no use for an underhanded soldier of fortune. He was told to leave the city and never return. He vowed revenge on the royal family for disrespecting him.

Outside the city walls, there was talk of a usurper gathering men and weapons to attack the grand city and take the throne. Shadowjack made his way to the camp, demonstrating his skills and offering his services. The usurper welcomed him into his army after Shadowjack showed him a secret way into the city. The only price he asked was that he be given the princess for his own. The usurper agreed, giving him enough money to insure his loyalty.

The coup was brief and violent, ending with the royal family in chains. As Shadowjack looked them over, he realized Felissina was missing. He tracked her down where her father’s scientists worked. He grabbed for her as she leapt through a wormhole generator created by the science team. As soon as she was through, the portal shorted out.

Shadowjack told them to get it fixed. He was going to go through and find the princess and bring her home. The lead scientist gave him a stabilizer belt in case she ended up in a positive dimension instead of a negative dimension like theirs. Soon the wormhole generator was working and Shadowjack went through, vowing not to return until the princess was with him.

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